Certificate In
Cosmetology Therapies

Grading System – Theory, Practical and VIVA

Duration – 1 month

Eligibility – MD, DDV, DVD, DNB, MS   

Modules – 20

Certification: Certificate in Cosmetology Therapies

Directed at individuals looking to commence their cosmetology journeys, these courses cover all aspects of learning, equipping you with knowledge and know-how that’s functional yet effective. Cosmetology is the science of beautifying the skin and its appendages. It is the study and application of beauty treatments for concerns such as pigmentations, fine lines, wrinkles, sagged face, acne, rosacea, melasma, deep face and body pigmentations, anti-ageing facelift, uneven skin tone among many others. This program mainly covers clinical cosmetology that involves altering the physiology of the skin for a better aesthetic appearance as per the patient’s concerns.

Scientific knowledge of cosmetology enables the doctor to give rational skin treatments and aesthetically acceptable results.

This certificate course in Cosmetology Therapies imparts training in practical application of techniques, on how to analyse the skin and perform basic and advanced procedures of cosmetic dermatology that are a must to deliver results to patients. It provides a professional guided approach on how to structure the standard operating procedures of the daily aesthetic treatments performed across dermatology clinics and medical spas today.


For those interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Cosmetology, this course can be used as an introduction to understand, in the simplest terms, the science of skin as well as to perform advanced procedures. Leading experts have designed this course and has been perfected over time and by technique with over 30 years of combined experience in this field.

It broadly includes the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Cosmetology
  • Module 2: Skin & Skin Analysis
  • Module 3: Chemical Peeling Agents
  • Module 4: Microdermabrasion
  • Module 5: Iontophoresis
  • Module 6: Electroporation & Ultrasound
  • Module 7: High Frequency
  • Module 8: Understanding Serums
  • Module 9: Modified Blend
  • Module 10: Super Pulse Facelift
  • Module 11: Radio Cautery
  • Module 12: Treatment of Stretch Marks
  • Module 13: Dark Circles
  • Module 14: Understanding Sunscreens
  • Module 15: Non-surgical earlobe repair
  • Module 16: Advance Peeling Agents
  • Module 17: Micro-mesotherapy
  • Module 18: Stem Cell
  • Module 19: Hydra Peel
  • Module 20: Various other medi-facials

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    • Ms Princhan Pulliwar

      I came to know about the International Cosmetology Academy through a family friend. My journey has been very good. The staff here is very helpful. I have got to learn new things after coming over here. Earlier I used to think that this field deals with beautifying a person artificially, but after doing the course I have understood that it deals with beautifying the skin scientifically. It was a very good and different experience to come to International Cosmetology Academy for all the courses which they provide.

    • Ms. Parisa

      I have done my beauty course from ICA. It was a very good course, I learned a lot from her. I love her personality, the way she teaches, she is an amazing person. I highly recommend her to all the students who are looking out for the course in UAE. Thank you once again TSI for all the help.


    Merit-based interview by the programme coordinators

    List of Documents

    1. Date of birth & address proof (Aadhar card/ Passport)
    2. Four passport size photographs
    3. Copy of the MCI Registration Certificate
    4. Copy of marksheets and Degree Certificate of MBBS/MD/others